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Live Action

Hana Yori Dango Live Action - Season 1

Alex Papillon (July 19, 2007)   No Comments

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I have to admit first off, that I’ve never read any bit of the manga. I’m sure they left out a lot of things, as this is only 9 one hour episodes. 9!!! Not even 12…but still, since it’s relatively short - it’s not tedious to watch and […]

Hana Kimi Live Action (Taiwanese Series) - Plastic Surgery Is NOT a Good Reason

Alex Papillon (June 16, 2007)   8 Comments

Some of you may have read the manga and I haven’t, but I was interested in the age-old theme of crossdressing for whatever purposes, nefarious or otherwise. Hey, the Ancient Greeks were pretty keen on it too in their hours long plays, hell days long. Hearing that a Taiwanese drama series had come out in 2006, I decided to give it a try.

How Come I’ve Never Heard Of This Live Action Before?

Darren Pangan (June 10, 2007)   1 person had his say

I was surfing around some Anime Forum and they were talking about some Ozamu Tezuka movie that was rated X in the US. Then one member posted a clip from a live action that really caught my attention. I had to call my brother and show it to him. We were big Astro Boy fans when we were little. Here’s the video: