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About Us

This site is all about

Anime and Manga (obviously). Primarily, this site contains reviews and other articles about tv series, movies, Manga, comics and anything that has something to do with either Anime, Manga, or both. It is also our goal to put up other stuff such as videos, images, music and more.

A very short history

We registered our domain, Anime2Manga.com, last November of 2006 but the website was officially launched on December of the same year.

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  • WordPress - The best and most popular blog engine.
  • WP-Notable - Provides the social bookmark links for the posts.
  • LazyImageLayout - Provides the nice image layouts found on the posts.
  • Lazy Gallery - Powers our image gallery.
  • RS Discuss - The ultimate featherweight forum system for WordPress.
  • Our theme is a modified KKP Light 0.5 by Tony Geer


  • We use Wikipedia a lot to find facts and information about a particular anime or manga series and also anime and manga in general.
  • I still keep my old issues of Questor (Anime Magazine) and check it for some information about some anime titles.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments about this website, you can send me your email at webmaster at anime2manga dot com. Before you send your questions, please take time to check the FAQ section of this site. See the link below.
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