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Cosplayer Spotlight Interview - Adella

Alex Papillon   August 30, 2007

A while ago, I’d say about six years - I decided to look up cosplaying. Stumbling upon cosplay.com, I decided to search for “Aeris” since I knew it was one of the most popular characters and I wanted to find someone who could look like her (out of curiosity). I wasn’t expecting much, since most of the people didn’t seem to suit their character, were tacky or were obviously badly constructed for some of my other searches. Then, I saw this picture…and I thought, no way!

Aeris the flower girl, original costume from FFVII

It turned out that not only did this cosplayer look like her, but was really good at making costumes which fit well. Upon observation of her other costumes, I’ve realized that Adella is very good at integrating the detail and mood of the character. Not to mention, her expressions always fit in so well with the costume and surroundings.

“-some of the beauty and innovation in cosplay is when you figure something out on your own…”

Since then, Adella has portrayed a variety of characters - in style and appearance. We’re very glad to have her answer a few questions which I hope will give readers some insight into cosplaying and Adella as a cosplayer. Chances are…if you’re already familiar with the world of cosplaying, you’ve probably ran into a couple of her pictures or seen her somewhere.

Currently, Adella is a fashion student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California.

“Costuming is about having fun…”

For a lot more pictures and all about Adella, please visit her home site Adella Cosplay. But before we get to the interview, here’s a few of her other characters.

As Jupiter in her princess dress (manga) from Sailormoon
Marie Renard, from the video game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Fllay Allster from Gundam Seed

A2m: At what age did you create your first costume and what was the anime series or video game that got you serious about cosplaying?

Adella: I was 19 when I first wore my first costume, but I was 18 when I first started to create the costume. It was Final Fantasy 7, I was really into it and my friends told me I resembled Aeris… so I thought that it would be a good choice for a costume.

What are some of your tips in helping others learn the process of cosplaying? Should they take classes in costume making, etc?

I really think classes are an absolute waste of time. Sure I suppose you could take a basic sewing class, but really everything that you learn with cosplay is by your own idea. Everything I have learned to this day I have figured out how to do by trial and error… so I think some of the beauty and innovation in cosplay is when you figure something out on your own. You have more to be proud of that way.

What’s the hardest thing about adapting a character’s costume into one that satisfies you?

Nothing ever truly satisfies me. There’s always something wrong with the costume, or something wrong with how I look in the costume. I may choose a character I really like but I look hideous in the costume… for example Utena. I loved the manga of the movie Utena, so I wanted to cosplay it… but when I actually wore the costume I felt it was unflattering and poorly made (I made it in a hotel room too :P ).

To you, is it important to have friends and family that support this?

It depends on what your situation is. Most families aren’t going to immediately dig your love of anime and games. I know my liking for these things was never really accepted by my mother. She always wanted me to be the “cool” girl… and that just wasn’t me. I’m a nerd… I like to do nerdy stuff like play games and watch anime.. but when I started actually doing something with my fandom was when my family took notice. My family in particular revere my costumes and think they are amazing… though I have plenty of young teenage friends who’s parents can’t accept it and despise it. I’ve tried to give them avenues to try to pleed their case with their parents, but it seems to be the norm that cosplay is not accepted. I believe that the acceptance is not really necessary… but it is to a small extent if what you are doing jeopardizes your familial stability. I.e… if you’re making your parents mad by doing cosplay… try to do it more sneakily until you’re old enough to just do your own thing :D.

What’s your most embarrassing moment while cosplaying? ^__^

Hm. I would have to say when I was 19 I didn’t do a very good job with my Aeris dress and the button holes were too big for the buttons. I ended up walking down the street.. only to have a gust of wind blow open my entire dress in front of the convention center.

Seeing as you’re quite the costume maker, is it for possible for your fans to see you becoming a fashion designer as a serious career in the future?

That’s my goal. I doubt I could design clothes for people to wear to save my life, but I am trying really hard to break into the film industry as a designer.

Have you had any modeling experience?

Nope. None at all. Any “modeling” so to speak simply comes from my passion to represent the characters I am cosplaying as I see them in my mind. I want my photos to reflect that side of the character I enjoy.

What are some of your favourite costumes and why?

Probably Aeris FF7… since it’s my most comfortable costume and it’s easy to travel with… it’s also not a lot of pieces… and my Fllay costume from Gundam Seed Destiny. I really love Fllay ^___^

Have you or do you have any rabid stalkers/fans?

HEhe…. um…. ^__^;;;;;

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go? (Not for cosplaying, per se)

Probably england… I think it’s such a beautiful place. I would pick japan but I don’t speak japanese ^_^

How many conventions do you usually attend per year?

Just 1 or 2. I used to hit up like 6 or 7 but I don’t have the money for that anymore. Since I’m in school I can’t hold a job and keep up my GPA so pretty much I go to anime expo since it’s right down the street… and any conventions that I am invited to as a guest.

Where can we expect you next?

Hmmm I don’t really know ^_^;; I have had to turn down a lot of guest appearances at cons because they conflict with classes (BOOOO)

Is it expensive to cosplay? What’s the most expensive costume?

It’s insanely expensive. No matter how hard I try to make a costume on the cheap there’s always something insane I have to spend my money on… Alucard was roughly 1500$ Thankfully my boyfriend paid for most of it since it is his costume.

What’s the common thread that ties your costumes? Is it something about the characters’ appearance, their personality or both?

Mostly personality. I have to really dig a character for me to like them. The characters I cosplay really vary in personality… I go from Winnowill… the evil elf queen from Elf Quest, to Fllay… the drama tastic teenage girl in gundam seed, to Aeris.. the sacrificial kind hearted cetra in FF7. My characters are rather motley … but I enjoy being in their costume.

What’s the most important piece of advice you can offer to aspiring cosplayers?

Don’t hate on people just because of what others say, and don’t hate on other cosplayers just because you don’t like their pictures, or they are in the same costume as you. Costuming is about having fun, and if you see someone in the same costume as you… that means they share your interests. Go make friends… don’t be catty.. afterall this is just a hobby that’s supposed to be about fun ^^.

Coke or Pepsi?

Water. Brown soda stains your teeth :P.

A2M would like to thank Adella for taking the time to answer these questions.

Extra Gallery

Please note that the images are used with permission. Photo(s) copyright Kyle Johnsen/Cosplay.com.

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4 Responses to “Cosplayer Spotlight Interview - Adella”

  1. Milly Schaefer http://

    Nice interview ^_^ Adella is very talented! I’ve never cosplayed before, but it’s something I’d like to do someday (the monetary cost for a good costume is rather off-putting, though ^^;; … not to mention I’m lazy).

  2. Alex Papillon http://

    I haven’t done it either…and I agree, I’m lazy too. It takes a lot to learn sewing/making clothes, especially if you’re kind of clumsy like me. Also, I have no money either.

  3. astrid http://as3d.info

    ang cute nung dresses nila!!! :) btw, the review is lready up. sorry for taking such a long time.

  4. Amanda Liu http://

    Good interview ^^. I actually have never met a cosplayer before so its interesting to see a perspective of one. Oh and I never cosplayed either for the same reasons above.

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