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Anime WordPress Themes

Here are some 100% pure Anime WordPress Themes you can use on your WordPress blogs. All free to download!

You can also send us suggestions and request for themes. See this post for more details.

Important Notice!

These themes originate here, designed and coded by our staff from scratch. All our themes contain some two or three links, usually under credits. You can use our themes for free for as long as you want and even do modifications to it to suit your preference as long as you keep these links in place. After all, the links only take up a very small space in the layout and point to good websites only such as this site. Thanks! ^_^

Links at the bottom of the thumbnails:
Raw - source layout still not coded to WordPress theme
Wordpress - the actual WordPress theme archive
Test Run - will open a new window to wordpress blog where the theme is applied.


Joie de Vivre
Raw | WordPress | Test Run
Downloads: 585
Raw | WordPress | Test Run
Downloads: 465
Raw | WordPress | Test Run
Downloads: 519
Raw | WordPress | Test Run
Downloads: 492
Raw | WordPress | Test Run
Downloads: 386
Soul Link
Raw | WordPress | Test Run
Downloads: 335
Raw | WordPress | Test Run
Downloads: 368


How To Use These Themes

  • After you have selected the theme that you want, download the zip file into your computer.
  • Extract the files somewhere in your hard drive. The extracted files should be contained in a one folder.
  • Upload this folder into your server where your WordPress blog is hosted. Place it under /wp-content/themes/.
  • Login to your WordPress blog as an administrator. On the main menu, click “Presentation”.
  • You should see the thumbnail and description of the theme that you just uploaded. Click the thumbnail to activate.
  • And you’re done! Go to you’re blog’s homepage and see the result. You might wanna browse your blog’s sections like pages, categories, and posts just to see if the new theme fits your content well.

Note: If you’re having problems installing a theme or trying to do some modifications but you’re having a difficult time, you can go here and ask for help.