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Series Reviews

Terra e - It only gets better (full series review)

Milly Schaefer (October 7, 2007)   4 Comments

I’ve seen plenty of anime series that play around at the outset and don’t get serious about the plot until partway through, just in time to build for a glorious conclusion. Since Terra e (Toward the Terra) was fairly serious with its plot and character development from the start, I figured it couldn’t get much better. I was so wonderfully wrong.

Final Series Review: Kaze no Stigma

Amanda Liu (September 26, 2007)   6 Comments

When I think of Kaze no Stigma, I think of cake. That is,I think of a multi layered cake that has been sitting there for three weeks in the open made out of cheap store-bought cake batter and delicious icing coated on top. Because that’s what this show is. It’s cliché, dull, well-worn, and it […]

Is This the Month of Redemption?!?

Amanda Liu (August 29, 2007)   No Comments

So yeah I’m actually pretty surprised at how things are. It’s just that almost every show I’m watching is getting better. I guess now that everything’s gonna end soon they’ve gotta pick up the pace. I’m not ranking anything this time because there would be too many ties and eenie-meanie-minie-moes. Oh and Zombie Loan has […]

Le Chevalier D’Eon - Zombies in French History

Alex Papillon (August 23, 2007)   No Comments

The 24 episode series Le Chevalier D’Eon is somewhat based on the real life activities of French spy D’Eon Beaumont who served under Louis XV. Although, the anime itself is directly based on the manga by Tow Ukabata and is produced by Production I.G. The show includes elements of fantasy in that zombie-like […]

Gankutsuou: An Adaptation that’s Worth Watching — Really

Milly Schaefer (August 11, 2007)   5 Comments

Gankutsuou is amazing. I could end the review here and have said all I need to, but of course you’ll want to know (and I’ll be quite happy to tell you) just what Gankutsuou is and why it’s amazing. Well, bide your time; hold out hope!
Or, so says the catchphrase of this exquisite […]

Muteki Kanban Musume

Alex Papillon (August 8, 2007)   2 Comments

Also known as “Noodle Fighter Miki”, which is pretty much what this show is about. Noodles and fighting - all revolving around Miki. Miki Onimaru is a girl who works in a chinese noodle shop and it seems as if she’s having a bit of a hard time…
There’s really no plot […]

The Sibling Complex - O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Alex Papillon (August 4, 2007)   5 Comments

I realize there are quite a few manga and anime titles with questionable sibling complexes, not necessarily incestuous in nature - but just…a bit “complex”. If you think this is weird, know that there are various western movies about this topic and that it IS a psychological phenomenon that occurs in real life so […]

Planetes: Real Astronauts Wear Diapers

Milly Schaefer (July 16, 2007)   6 Comments

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure — or in the case of Planetes, a story about trash turns out to be quite the treasure.
Where many science fiction anime seem to focus on aliens, mecha and/or cool spaceships, Planetes (based on the manga by Makoto Yukimura) takes a somewhat less epic and more realistic look […]