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Rants & Raves

My Rant on Claymore Ending + Full Series Review

Amanda Liu (September 28, 2007)   No Comments

So yeah by now I’m aware that there are like 5 million of these posts out but I couldn’t access A2M yesterday ;_;. Anyways, before I continue, I’m going to posting spoilers if you couldn’t figure it out. You have been warned.

Alex: So, because I wanted to rant about just the ending, I’m inserting my […]

Haruhi Fujioka - Def’n: mind-numbing, boring

Alex Papillon (August 19, 2007)   12 Comments

In case you’re a bit sluggish or just haven’t come in contact with it, Haruhi Fujioka is the heroine (used loosely) of Ouran Highschool Host Club. I’m referring to the anime version here, because I haven’t read the manga. I’m not patient enough anymore to read most manga, alas. Ouran, is by […]

An Insight on the Battle of Subs versus Dubs

Sean Wong (August 3, 2007)   8 Comments

Depending on how long you’ve been in the anime community, you may have participated in or at least spectated discussions regarding subtitles versus dubbing. Such discussion can progress in an intelligent debate or it may become an all-out flame war, complete with name-calling and personal attacks (the latter seems to occur more often). […]

When hotblood and screaming became an art

Gary Tang (July 7, 2007)   No Comments

With the school projects and final exams finally coming to an end, I suddenly found myself with ample amount of spare time (until summer school starts orz). Therefore, I decided to sit down and do some major reading catch up (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, …) and also started some new titles that I’ve been hearing about (Kodomo no Jikan, Air Gear, …).

Most Wanted Anime Series

Darren Pangan (June 21, 2007)   14 Comments

I’ve seen a lot anime series on TV back when I was a teen-ager that I would die to see again. That is why I keep my downloads, videos, and DVDs somewhere safe. Most of them are titles that I know I would miss watching in the future. But then, there are some series I remember watching but I couldn’t find anymore. I’ve scoured anime stores in malls, bootleggers, fansub and torrent sites and no luck.

SOS Brigade, join now; god comands it

Garrett Goluszka (June 17, 2007)   17 Comments

The SOS Brigade, it is no inside joke; just about anybody who watches anime knows what the SOS Brigade is now. It was/still is the big thing of summer 2006. It has taught us god goes by the name of Haruhi. Then it has brought up the ending theme that almost everybody knows by heart, and some who even know the moves, but no one can forget it.

Breaking News: Hardcore Anime Fans and Noobs Are On The Same Level!

Darren Pangan (June 8, 2007)   7 Comments

First of all, what is a noob? If you joined a forum just recently, then people in that forum who came ther long before you did, then they might just call you a noob. If you’re a drummer and the best that you can do is a 4/4 beat varying between 30-40 beats per minute, then you’re a noob drummer. If you call yourself a hacker but you use other people’s code to do your hacking then you’re more of a script kiddie a.k.a. noob.

Is it really THAT bad?

Xistove (June 4, 2007)   No Comments

Plot twists, the moments that any person that regularly follows any plot-intensive series, are quite crucial in the proper development in a series. They need to be timed properly, whether with intertwined stories from the past and the future, or a new issue that comes after a time of peace…