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GROUP POST: Fall 2007 Season Preview, Picks, Pics and More

Amanda Liu (September 16, 2007)   18 Comments

Yes I’m aware that we are late and I’m at 100% to blame since I was the last one to get my part done. Moving aside, this was my idea and I was the one who put this together as well as wrote all the summaries which is why it’s getting posted under my name. […]

Summer Season 2007 - A Quick Rundown

Alex Papillon (June 11, 2007)   5 Comments

In no particular order actually, but just a few series that I’ve been looking forward to or want to pick up. There seems to be some notable sequels this season!

Top 7 Shows I’m Looking Forward to This Summer

Amanda Liu (June 9, 2007)   4 Comments

It feels like the spring season just started and summer’s here already. Judging from the fact that I never actually follow my season preview watch lists, I’m only guaranteeing first impression posts of these seven series. So don’t be surprised if I drop one (or most) of these and blog something I didn’t mention here.