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Episode 5.5: Bonus Episode

Garrett Goluszka (September 30, 2007)   1 person had his say

Well to fill the void between episode 5 and 6 I though together a little bonus episode where I finish the talk about School Days. Also I plug stuff, and talk, normal Shadro stuff. Not a long episode, so not much effort to listen or anything I hope you enjoy and look […]

Podcast Episode 5: The Episode that should have been out weeks ago

Garrett Goluszka (September 14, 2007)   No Comments

Its been so long since this one I don’t remember the songs I used so…the episode is very easy to get shows notes can be skipped this time.
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Podcast Episode 4: Episode 2 Squared

Garrett Goluszka (July 23, 2007)   3 Comments

If I can go ahead and give my opinion, I think this is about the best episode yet, though there are still things that I need to correct. One, I know Nanoha was not licensed by Funimation, it seemed that was implied in the episode, but we know its not. Second, hours after the recording Funimation did license Balrd Force, which was my review in this episode.

Podcast Episode 3: For great knowledge, Take off interview!

Garrett Goluszka (July 4, 2007)   1 person had his say

Here we are a week later and another podcast ready to go! This week is special and we had our first guest Panel Head of ACEN Sam Chen. To listen, read notes and more, read on.

Podcast Episode 2: The Power Of The Past And Time!

Garrett Goluszka (June 27, 2007)   4 Comments

Here we are almost a month later with the second episode of the podcast. In this weeks episode while keeping our randomness we review 3 series, Chrono Crusade, Terra he, and Nadescio.

Podcast Episode 1: If we were Squaresoft this is OUR Final Fantasy

Garrett Goluszka (June 1, 2007)   7 Comments

All right, here it is the first ever episode of the Anime2Manga podcast. I’m of course Shadro here to explain how things will be working. For each release, there will be a link for your downloading/listing pleasure. Then along with that, this post will contain stuff that you may want to see, and so we can show what we are also talking about.