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Koi ga Shitai x3 - There is No Modern Romance

Alex Papillon (July 2, 2007)   No Comments

I haven’t seen very many Japanese dramas, but I know there are some very good ones especially made in the 90s. I chanced upon this playing on the WINAMP video streams and instead of studying for exams, of course, I had to watch this and several other Korean dramas. I saw three other ones, Ai no Uta, H2 and the infamous 1000 litres of tears.

Last Life in the Universe Movie Review

Alex Papillon (June 30, 2007)   No Comments

This 2003 movie, a collaboration between versatile Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano and Thai director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang is definitely a beautiful and well-crafted movie. Named tagged as the Asian Lost in Translation, it explores the strange and silent relationship between two people.

Gackt’s Scaring Maroon 5 at Music Station Before Heading to AX

Amanda Liu (June 26, 2007)   5 Comments

This last week Music Station had the most impressive guest list ever: Gackt, Namie Amuro, Koda Kumi, KAT-TUN, Yuna Ito, and Maroon 5. For all of you who don’t know what Music Station is, it’s basically a weekly Japanese music variety show. So what’s up with Gackt?

Koda Kumi FREAKY Single + PV Review

Amanda Liu (June 15, 2007)   No Comments

The J-pop scene is busy this summer and Koda Kumi is no exception. I personally find that her singles are getting better as of late. So is this another hit or is it simply another piece of trash Avex is trying to get money off of?

Is It Just Me Or Is Gackt Starting to Look Like MJ?

Amanda Liu (June 14, 2007)   6 Comments

A couple of days ago, Gackt’s new PV RETURNER was released. Supposedly, this is all promotion for a long-awaited single from him. I wasn’t expecting much when I started watching the PV but now I now find myself eagerly anticapting his new single along with everybody else.

Yui - Can’t Buy My Love

Amanda Liu (May 28, 2007)   4 Comments

Yui is a J-pop singer who you may have heard of from Bleach and/or Taiyou no Uta So how does her sophomere album live up to its immense popularity and astounding sales?