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First Impressions: Dragonaut the Resonance 01 and Moyashimon 01

Alex Papillon (October 21, 2007)   3 Comments

This is actually so typically GONZO, at least in reference to Witchblade. It’s got the chicks with huge breasts spilling out of their costumes, at least one female scientist and what looks a lot of fighting with no semblance of logic or reality (basically some kind of power that comes from resonating with dragons?). […]

Shion no Ou 02: It’s All About Style

Amanda Liu (October 21, 2007)   3 Comments

Summary: Continuing off from the cliffhanger last time, Ayumi punches the creepy stalker in the face. Mr. Stalker quickly leaves the scene, leaving Shion alone to cry over the traumatic experience. Ayumi offers Shion a handkerchief but looks away when Shion looks him in the eye.
The police are alerted of this and decide to send […]

First Impressions: Suteki Tantei Labyrinth 01

Alex Papillon (October 21, 2007)   No Comments

This is one of those episodes where the action starts right away and they back track in order to explain what happens before it, but from all view points of the characters so the audience is omniscient. Although, this is by no means original - it shows at least they tried doing something different. […]

First Impressions: Night Wizard - The Animation 01

Alex Papillon (October 19, 2007)   6 Comments

Intro: I’m doing this as I watch it so I won’t forget any details. As soon as I saw the girl sitting in her high chair drinking tea, the legions of people and the guy in a school outfit I wasn’t impressed. I was thinking “this HAS to be a parody…right?”, and then […]

First Impressions: Rental Magica 01

Alex Papillon (October 18, 2007)   1 person had his say

Between studying for midterms (reason for the lack of pictures but next time, I promise) and stuffing my face with cake, I decided to watch this one first out of the few I plan to watch for this fall 2007 season. The elements of this show bring to mind: Ghost Hunt, Chrno Crusade and […]

Shion no Ou 01: Shougi with a Murder Mystery

Amanda Liu (October 14, 2007)   7 Comments

Okay. I admit I’m biased. I read the manga for Shion no Ou shortly after doing the preview and I fell in love with it. From then on, Shion no Ou became my most anticipated series of the fall that kept me through the onslaught of bland series. Okay I’m being melodramatic but I love […]

Summer Season: Disappointing to Say the Least

Amanda Liu (July 30, 2007)   25 Comments

I’m glad that I’m having a really busy summer. Or else I’d probably be really bored because this season is putting me to sleep. Literally. Anyways, I’m going to be doing my usual thoughts of my watch list with the new summer shows bolded. Oh and a list of the shows that I’m dropping and […]

First Impressions: Nanatsurio Drops

Amanda Liu (July 9, 2007)   No Comments

I hate comparing one anime to another but I couldn’t help thinking “Star Captor Sumomo” after looking at this image . I mean look at the image for God’s sake! Who wouldn’t get the CCS vibe? I mean the outfit, the stuffed animal, the staff. Not to mention that they’re collecting stars instead of cards. The only difference that I saw was that this is based off a pr0no game.