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Claymore Intimate Persona~Character Song Shuu~

Amanda Liu (October 5, 2007)   14 Comments

In this CD, there are 10 tracks and the characters featured Clare, Priscilla, Galatea, Deneve, Opheilia, Irene, Sophia, Teresa, Helen, and Miria (in that order). For people who don’t know what the hell is a “character song” it’s basically a song where the seiyuu for an anime sings a song that’s supposed to reflect the […]

Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou

Sean Wong (September 6, 2007)   2 Comments

Something that Haruhi fans must already know about is “Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou,” which is this big concert for the series where the voice actors/actresses sing the songs from the show and their character CDs
The entire event is a little less than 3.5 hours long and is composed of two DVD discs.
In the first disc, […]

YuKa & YoKa

Alex Papillon (July 28, 2007)   2 Comments

This isn’t really a Yuki Kajiura vs. Yoko Kanno article as I think both of them are great composers in their own way. It’s more a comparison of their styles, a bit of a review on their works (that I’ve heard of) and an exploration of the anime which feature their works.
The […]

My Experience at the SOS Brigade Invasion Tour at AX

Amanda Liu (July 1, 2007)   19 Comments

I just got back from AX after a very long day. So how was the SOS Brigade Invasion Tour? Basically it was a wonderful mess. The performances were wonderful but the AX staff screwed up. Think of a top-class restuarant with the best gourmet food but a 2 hour waiting and horrible service. That’s basically what this was. WARNING: EPIC POST AHEAD.

Yui Horie - Seiyuu Extraordinaire

Brian Chan (May 10, 2007)   8 Comments

It seems appropriate to me that I should write on my favourite branch of the anime world, seiyuus, and what better way to start with my favourite seiyuu of all time, Yui-sama? ^^
Yui Horie, or “Hocchan” to some of her fans, is one of the most successful seiyuus (voice over artist) in the past few […]

Osamu Tezuka, The Father of Anime and Manga

Darren Pangan (December 20, 2006)   No Comments

The late Dr. Osamu Tezuka is considered by many fans as the Father of Anime and Manga. I believe he deserves it. The conventional styles we see on anime and manga today are patterned on his styles especially when it comes to character design.
Dr. Tezuka was born on November 3, 1928 in the City […]

Meet the Artist - Akira Toriyama

Darren Pangan (December 14, 2006)   1721 Comments

Akira Toriyama is a very familiar name to anime fans and it’s that’s no surprise. He is the person behind one of the most popular and most successful manga and anime series ever produced, non other than the Dragon Ball series. Many manga-anime artists are influenced my Mr. Toriyama and that includes the creator […]