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Anime WordPress Theme Poll!

Alex Papillon (June 15, 2007)   20 Comments

I’m sort of the resident anime wp themes maker, but I’m hoping that some of you who come here or have just stumbled upon us will submit your very own themes too! Come on, don’t be shy and show people your mad skills.

Anime Videos Section is Finally Here!

Darren Pangan (May 23, 2007)   No Comments

After a few days of modifying and playing around with MyTube (Wordpress Plugin) code, I’m finally able to release the videos section. Right now, all we have in there are opening themes for some of the anime series in my fansub hard drive. ^_^

We Are Looking For Staff

Darren Pangan (April 10, 2007)   7 Comments

This website desperately needs some writers. If you like to blog about anime and would like to see your articles posted in this website, please send me your applications (details later). You will get full credit for your articles and your articles will be published along with your profile which can contain some links […]

Website Restructuring

Darren Pangan (March 19, 2007)   No Comments

I’m currently playing around with my hosting account and doing some restructuring with the subdomains, domains, directories, etc. I’m doing this so I have a more organized directory structure for my websites. It’s better I do this now that later when I have more traffic and subscribers. So expect some downtime, probably a whole […]

See You Next Week

Darren Pangan (January 30, 2007)   No Comments

To all my readers and visitors of this site, I would like to inform you that I will not be able to make updates for this whole week. Sorry for not letting you guys know sooner but I promise my regular updates of reviews and anime articles will resume next week, February 6, 2007. […]