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Maybe I Should Have Played the Game Before Watching the OVA

Amanda Liu   June 25, 2007

Tales of Symphonia


Well this OVA was disappointing to say the least. I hope its not a predicament to the summer season. I would have liked to say that I fell asleep because I had been catching up on a lot of anime that day and I had a cold, but I enjoyed watching Devil May Cry right after this. So what went wrong here?


Let me do the obligatory plot summary. It’s basically a mix of random shounen cliches combined into one dull melting pot. Apparently, there’s this guy named Lloyd who has been handed down this glowing thing that makes him light up and gain awesome powers. His dad doesn’t want him to use it because apparently his mom was killed using it but he somehow meets him mom and she tells him to go protect those dearest to you which in Lloyd’s case is this loli priestess who has to go save the world. All in all, a yawn-fest. I heard this pretty much followed the game but difference between a game and an anime is that in the game a plot doesn’t really matter. Look at Super Smash Brothers, the only plot is to beat the living crap out of each other. However, in anime, a boring plot leads to a boring anime.


The animation was pretty bad too. Especially for an OVA quality. While the style is not to my taste, the CG effects seem like they were done by a seven-year-old kid playing with Photoshop. Seriously, they were that bad. The character designs are mediocre but I noticed that loli was frequently missing her nose.


The music was okay but not really memorable. Then again, it usually takes me a while to remember background music. I didn’t really look at the OP and ED because the animation was pretty plain for both but they sounded alright. Voice acting seemed okay in general. I haven’t checked the cast list yet but I don’t recognize anyone off the bat.


So I’m going to be dropping this OVA right now even though there’s only 3 more episodes left. If something is not interesting, I’m not going to watch it regardless of the hype. For all you gamers who’ve played this, how was the game? Is it expensive? Is it a lot of fun? Do you recommend me to play it? Is it going to be more fun that watching this piece of doggy exertment?


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5 Responses to “Maybe I Should Have Played the Game Before Watching the OVA”

  1. Garrett Goluszka http://gandtheonehalf.animeblogger.net

    The game is great, though it will make you hate this even more for the number of plot stuff that is messed up.

  2. Senira http://ajwart.freehostia.com

    Tales of Symphonia is a great game, and the storyline is massive. There are a fair amount of twists and turns, some of which you’re expecting by the time they occur, but most of which are a real surprise.

    Colette is as annoying in game as she is in the OVA, unfortunately. Luckily, Lloyd can choose any character in the party to be his best friend (basically by interacting positively with that character and negatively with everyone else, especially Genis and Colette), and many things change based on Llyod’s choice.

    I’d definitely recommend it, as it’s still one of my favorite games on the ‘cube. It’s about 50-70 hours long, though, depending on how much completion you want. And that’s not counting the three play-throughs you’ll have to do if you REALLY want your in-game item guide to be complete. If you take a break between each play-through, it’s not nearly as tiring as it sounds. ;)

  3. Amanda Liu http://

    I don’t think I’ll get the game. I’m too busy. Maybe when I’m a senior.

  4. nobody in particular

    The OVA does no justice to the game whatsoever. And plots are important in RPGs, which this game was, unlike SSB, which is just a simple beat-em-up. And I’m ashamed that you wouldn’t recognize the cast because I recognized every single person that voiced in it for the main cast. Maybe you just don’t watch enough anime or play enough games, which according to what you said that shouldn’t be the case. And if a seven year old could do that in photoshop, then they gotta teach me, because I can’t do anything in it and I’m almost 19. (and if you look closely, Collet isn’t missing her nose…Fujishima -you know, the Ah My Goddess guy- originally drew their noses with just the nostrils showing, and they actually did it like that on the OVA, so maybe your tv or computer or whatever you’re watching it on isn’t picking it up very well because I can see it on mine) I honestly liked the way it looked. It stayed more true to the game’s art style then I expected it to (with the exception of their looking a bit too skinny). I should ruin the game for you too and explain that the “glowing thing” is an Exsphere. Its powers are awakened when it feeds off a person and Lloyd’s mom (Anna) happened to be the one that this particular Exsphere was allowed to feed on. The reason he saw her was because her soul is in it as a result. Although in the game you don’t even hear her voice, no glowy outline, nothing of her. Nobody actually heard her voice until the Drama CDs were released. The game isn’t too expensive either. Due to its being a Player’s Choice game, it only costs around $20 in American money. (although the Gamecube version had better graphics, I personally like the PS2 version more because of the extras. The only problem with that is that it was only released in Japan) Honestly, though, I’m fearing for the other half of the team, because I hear the second episode only goes up to the Balacruf Mausoleum, and if the case is that it only stays in the Sylvarant story arc, then that means we’re all gonna miss out on my favorite character (voiced by my favorite voice actress Houko Kuwashima). All in all, I’m just saying that you kinda have to play the game to even appreciate this OVA in any way. (And I have a question…”Doggy exertment”…? Did you mean “doggy excrement,” because that really didn’t make sense to me.)

  5. Ninetail3df0x

    The game was amazing, two full discs. Its for game cube and it isn’t all that expensive. Its only 17.99 if ordered from the EB Games site. The plot is really really in-depth. Some people dislike the game and others like me love it. It was fun for me but I don’t know what your standards for a game being ‘fun’ are so determining whether its fun or not is up to you. I agree with what “nobody in particular” said.

    In response to Garrett’s post:
    Obviously you don’t think too hard. Its a no-brainer that somethings will be different in the OVA than from the game since they cant put every second of the game in, they have to condense it and make it not so long. I mean seriously the game had 70 hours of gameplay(unless your fast and know where everything is). You can’t expect them to include everything from the game otherwise it’d be insanely annoying to watch it for that long.
    I loved the game and I’m lovin the OVA all though it isn’t as great as the game. I’m also worried about how they are going to get most of the storyline in. If they only do the sylvarant arc I’m gonna be disappointed. But if thats the case they had better make OVAs for the Tethe’alla story arc as well.
    How much you enjoy the game depends on what sort of thing you like. Although I was hooked on Symphonia for like a year until i just got Tales of Legendia for PS2, but most likely Ill be back on symphonia once I beat Legendia.

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