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Is it really THAT bad?

Xistove   June 4, 2007

Plot twists, the moments that any person that regularly follows any plot-intensive series, are quite crucial in the proper development in a series. They need to be timed properly, whether with intertwined stories from the past and the future, or a new issue that comes after a time of peace. This is the difference between reality–where such mammoth events as wars and political intrigue can boringly pop out of nowhere–and fiction’s ability to string an intricate story.

What is this guy going on about? Well folks, I have a friend. His name is Dave, currently residing in Yokosuka, Japan. I met him a few years back in Misawa within the Aomori prefecture, and unlike many of my contacts, I’ve kept rather frequent words with him. In fact, he supplies me with a decent delivery of the not-so-frequent manga that sometimes pops up within the floods of Yu Yu Hakusho and Naruto walls. Though, this is not about a rare gem that I’ve picked up. Our villain here is Bleach, a vile enemy that I’ve recently thrown into the trash.

I need a scanner to describe this, though I’m sure the massive waves of otaku that follow the Bleach manga can grasp it alone. What IS this horror? It hurts my eyes to read, and aside from the fact that my translation abilities stems from the need to get food out in Hachinohe and trying to read bar signs while stumbling trashed around Roppongi, I just don’t know what’s going on anymore. The manga has become less interesting to me on a recreational level than it is just a list of notes on what will happen. Cliff’s Notes for the upcoming episodes in the anime, if you will.

Now, I don’t think I’m the most IMAGINATIVE guy in the world, but I do alright. I can sort of see what is going on, but why should I downlo–why should I pay for why should Dave have to pay to send me this? If I want to use my imagination to tell a story in my head, I’ll go to some roleplaying forum and write a Super Saiya-jin Half Angel/Half Dragon/Half Daemon maid piloting a Catgirl Maid mecha. With two lasers, of course.

Pointless imagery aside temporarily, this is my gripe. Just as there was a time when dubs versus subs was a main issue(now mostly an issue to those recently introduced to subs, and 16-year-old World of Warcraft warrior players who use Sasuke as their avatar on forums), manga and anime has begun to level off.

The battleground of this argument, to my understanding, is the content. I will agree that there are times when the Edit Reich will thrown down their mighty hammer and take out some random fact about a character being a homosexual, or more importantly major plot content involving Aizen Souske actually being the 17th Sevalle planning to overthrow all of Vana’diel in an attempt to resurrect his younger sister who’s spirit is sealed away in Ryo of Wildfire’s armor, but not all manga to anime transitions do such horrors.

Bleach is one of those that could cross between the planes of perfection on both sides, but only if the manga was able to pick up a bit. I’m not saying that the anime is perfect. I’ve seen the Bounto arc, alright? I’m saying that rather than using the manga as a little handbook to impress the good friends on #4chan with spoiler hints to extend e-nis girth, take a look at what’s in there. Not that great. Not enough Rangiku bouncing.

Maybe if there was a 3-D goggle version of the manga. Maybe.

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