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Ninku The Movie Review

Darren Pangan   May 29, 2007

A couple of years ago, I bought this video that contained two movies. One was “Ninku The Movie” and the other was “The Golden Seal”, which is a YuYu Hakusho movie. In this article, were going to talk about the former. Back then, I didn’t know about the anime Ninku. After watching the film, I did a quick search on the internet and found out that the movie I just saw came from a 55-episode TV series by Koji Kiriyama that came out in 1995. I still haven’t seen the series yet.

The story is a balance between action and comedy. The movie was quite short and run only around half an hour. The setting of the movie is a small town near the desert. I’m not really sure about the time when it was supposed to happen but looked like it should be some years back. I didn’t see any modern stuff or high-tech gadgets.

The NinkusThe main characters of the movie (and the series) are the following:

Fuusuke is the former captain of the first ninku corps (rat) and his technique utilizes the wind. This character looks funny. He’s small, looks like a child, and his tongue is always sticking out like a dog. In the movie, he seemed to be the kindest one among the group

Toji belonged to the sixth ninku corps (snake). His fights using the land and can summon a giant snake. His another funny character and he’s almost naked when he fights like a sumo wrestler

Aicho can jump really high and uses the sky whenever he fights. He’s a former tenth ninku corps (rooster) and probably the most serious among the group.

Rihoko is the only female in the group. I’m not sure if she fought in the series but in this movie, I didn’t see her in action. Obviously she had a crush on Aicho.

Hirayuki is a penguin. I knew right away from the first scene of the movie that it has to have a lot of humor seeing a penguin in the desert. The penguin didn’t do anything in the movie but stick around with the other guys.

The story began when they crashed their plane in a desert. They didn’t have any food so they went out seeking for a job. The went to the mayor who was looking for some guards who would protect their village but the mayor said that the positions were already occupied. They found out the the ones who got the position were a bunch of impostor that were immitating them. Later, they found out that the village was treatened by Heaven and Earth brothers who were skilled warriors.

The movie that I have on video was dubbed in English so I didn’t have any trouble with the language. About the music, I don’t know if it’s just me but the opening theme sounded closely similar to the opening theme of YuYu Hakusho.

The movie was fair. Not very spectacular but pretty much entertaining. Maybe because the funny scenes really had me laughing. I didn’t like the fighting scenes very much and they’re kind of boring. Good thing it was quick. Actually, the whole movie was very short that I had doubts if it was just an episode or a movie that I had to look it up on the internet. But all-in-all it was sill a good show for me and I think I’ll bu looking for the series sometime.

There were no nudities and too much violence in the film. But I still wouldn’t prefer this to very young children as it contains improper language and gestures. If you’re looking for something humorous, this movie could be something you can appreciate.

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